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Dev Blog | Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest | A Strategy-RPG by Ian Williams

Lunge! Hack! Slash! ???!

Version 1.5.0

It’s here! Version 1.5.0 is now on Steam (although iPad players will have to wait a teeny bit longer).

The new version features a revamped combat system. It’s still based on Rock-Paper-Scissors but we’ve added a considerable number of new ideas to make it more interesting and exciting, as well as a lot less random! It also makes the game easier. Probably.

Available on Steam now

On 6 March the game finally made it onto the Steam Store. A big thank-you to everyone who voted for the game and to the hundreds of people who pledged to buy it on the Groupees bundle.

It looks like Steam Greenlight is about to meet its demise, so it was good to get the game onto the store before that happens. I’m slightly ambivalent about the loss of Greenlight. Its aims were, I think, laudable, but its lack of transparency made it very hard for a small set-up like ours to judge how close we were to being Greenlit.

I’ve already published one patch (v1.4.2), which includes, amongst other things,  recruitable Scouts and a better explanation of how the Champion’s explorations yield cards for the Armies.

There’s been some grumbling about the combat, the main thrust of people’s arguments being that, since it’s based on rock-paper-scissors, it’s too random. I’m still debating what to do about this. I still maintain that, with the right weapons and an understanding of how the enemies fight, you can fight effectively and, perhaps more importantly, the fights can be quite tense and exciting.

I’m now thinking about adding more locations into the game. This will be quite a challenge because the whole thing’s quite carefully balanced at the moment, but I like a challenge!

Thanks again to everyone for your support. Please add to the discussions on the Steam site and leave a review if you get chance.

Greetings from 2017!

Blimey! It took a while for a new post, right? Apologies, folks – was too busy trying to finish the thing to communicate…

Simple story: Developer writes game using free assets. Developer bravely posts game up on Steam Greenlight. Gamers immediately express interest in the idea but deep reservations about the graphics. Developer has crisis. Developer hires artist to completely revamp the whole thing. A year later, he’s managed to get it back into a playable state.

Which is what it is now – playable. But not quite finished because it needs more testing.

If you’d like to help with testing, sign up as a beta tester on the Subscription Page and you’ll magically get updates and a link to the full game (when I publish updates).

Also, please vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. This long hiatus has done nothing for the game’s standing but I’m hopeful we can turn it round.

Happy New Year from Subjunctive Software. Let’s get battling those Goblins!

Steam Greenlight and Other Tall Tales

steam_logo_darkYesterday I added the game to Steam Greenlight. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to the experience. Normally, if I wanted to be kicked and punched I’d do a Black Books Bernard and find some skinheads to taunt.

But, since this is a PC game and Steam is the PC game store and well, sales are rather slow on (total to date: 12 trial downloads, 0 purchases), I thought I’d give it a go. So, 70 quid lighter, I concocted me some screenshots and text and hit “Publish”.

So far it hasn’t been too painful, although it’s early days yet. The good news is that the game has, at this very moment, 75 “yes” votes, taking it 8% of the way to top 100. The bad news, the 338 “no” votes, I can live with. I suppose.

There have been some positive comments but also a couple criticising the standard of the graphics. Now, I understand this completely. In fact, I agree. The graphics are all built from either the Indie Graphics Bundle or Creative Commons things I found. I don’t think the game looks terrible, just not that sexy. The problem is that, although I can draw, I can’t do anything to the standard of modern computer games, and I don’t know anyone who can. I’ve thought of having a go at replacing the graphics with my own cartoony images (as that’s what I can draw) but there’s a danger that I’d spend days and weeks on this, only to find that people still weren’t convinced. On the plus side, I suppose they’d at least be original.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

In the meantime, please vote for the game on Greenlight. You can do this by clicking on this very image…

It’s done!

Put the bunting out! Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest is now at version 1.0.0!

And it’s available now for Windows at Download the Trial version for free (limited to 10 turns) or dive right in and buy.

This game has taken me almost exactly a year to write. Seems like a long time, especially when some people claim to put a game together in a week, but this is quite a complex thing: it’s random (“procedural”); it’s a strategy game; it’s a board game; it’s a card game; it’s an RPG; it’s a text adventure… And it’s the biggest game project I’ve ever undertaken.

Much thanks to everyone who’s helped test the game and special thanks to Jack for the music and Dave for the web site. And love and hugs to Helen, who’s been through this sort of thing many times before. Special kudos goes to Pete for finding a nasty last minute bug.

Tired now. I’ll try to get round to some proper dev blog stuff as I take on Steam Greenlight and the iPad version.


Version 0.9.14

Released v0.914. yesterday. Nothing ground-breaking in this version but the Windows build does now come with a proper icon. Also used my new MailChimp mailing list, which I’m finding really useful.

Today I was working on the wiki when I realised that the prices NPCs charge for Tales weren’t being randomised. Scandal! So I’ve fixed that – prices for tales are now set randomly at 80% – 120% of a character’s base price. I’ve also set the price for objects in the same manner. Originally, objects were priced at 80% – 140% of base, so everything’s now a bit cheaper.

I’ve noticed that you can’t leave comments on any of the pages of this site, by the way. Have to get Dave the Web Designer to have a look – I can’t find the setting anywhere! 🙂

Hello Champions!

This is just a quick introductory post to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Ian Williams and I’m responsible for Goblin Harvest – The Mighty Quest. The game’s currently edging closer to proper early access / beta testing (I can’t decide what to call it!) so please have a play, sign up for the beta distro (which will give you access to the Windows version in addition to the HTML5 version) and let me know when it breaks – or what you’d like me to change – by leaving a comment on the Beta Testing page.

I started writing the game at the start of October 2014 but it’s genesis goes back years, as you’ll (eventually) see on the Background Page.

I’ve loved writing this game – I really hope you’ll love playing it!

A Strategy-RPG by Ian Williams